59. Rules to be observed in purchasing articles that are required for the service of Government:

A monthly price-current shall be made with the assistance of the Sithee, Wurtuk, Cotwaul, &c., for the Bazars in your dis­trict, which price-current shall be signed and sealed by you.

If Kootshee* sells in the Bazar, by the price current, at 15 Deks for a Fanam, you shall take it at the rate of 17, and pay the money to the merchant, taking his receipt; and where the established price of rice, tooir, moung, &c. shall be 10 Deks for a Fanam, you shall take 11. And the following are the rules to be observed in the purchase of articles which are sold by weight:

If the price of Ghee, oil, and iron uten­sils, &c. shall be at the rate of 2 pagodas per uttul,* you shall deduct a Fanam out of every Pagoda, and pay the purchase money; one Fanam out of every Pagoda shall also be deducted from the price of cloths, sheets, blankets, thread, &c., and the purchase money shall be paid to the merchant, taking his receipt specifying the particulars.