58. A commission upon the Jummabundy of your district, (exclusive of the Enaum, Deostaun, Akrar, &c. lands,) of a quarter of a fanam Kunteeroy* upon every pagoda is allowed, for discharging the pay of the Aumil, Peischears, Beasps,* and Munni­caurs. It is expected that you keep up the full establishment of Munnicaurs and Beasps, and pay them their fixed allowances, and taking the remainder for your own wages, fulfil your duty. If you keep more or less than the establishment of Beasps and Munni­caurs, you shall refund the difference of the wages. The Aumil, and other officers in the revenue department, shall not trade; if they do, they will be made to forfeit double the amount of the concern in which they are found to be engaged.