56. You are to ascertain the exact distance between every town and village throughout your district, and the number of wells in which there is water, and the number of those that are dry on the roads; as also what thickets, hills, streams, embank­ments, plains, and tanks there are in the way, and what particular spots are fit for halting-places for an army. An account of these particulars is to be made, and kept in the duftur, and one copy thereof is to be transmitted to the Huzzoor, and one copy to your Cutchery.

57. Whenever the bullocks employed in the service of Government shall be sent into your district for Kulthee, if there is Kulthee ready in the Cusbah,* you are, without a moment’s loss of time, to fill it into bags, and deliver it: and if the grain shall be in the villages, you are, in the course of five or six days, to have it brought in, and delivered in bags, taking a receipt for it; and the bullocks are to be immediately dispatched with the grain. In case of a single day’s delay, you are to consider yourself as answerable for the hire of these cattle. When you dispatch the bullocks, you shall, at the same time, write information of the dis­tance which the army may be from your district.