52. There are many Koruchywaurs, thieves, and highway robbers, in your district: you are to find them out and appre­hend them, with their women and children; and having selected from them all the young boys and girls who are wanted by Govern­ment as slaves, you shall provide them with a suitable allowance for their diet, at the rate of one seer of rice and one pice per day, one with another, and send them with great care, under charge of the Kelladar, to the Huzzoor; the remainder, you shall cause to be bound by the waist with ropes, and employ them in carrying earth for the service of Government; and you shall allow each of them one dek pokhta of flour of Raugy, and a copper Causs*. You shall also report their condition to the Huzzoor, and to your Cutchery; and obey such orders as shall be issued to you respecting them.

53. If any traveller, or person who is heirless, &c. shall die within your district, his property shall be seized for Government; and if any person shall take possession of the property of one who has died without leaving an heir, enquiry shall be made, and twice the value shall be taken from him; and if afterwards an heir to the property should appear, it shall be delivered over to him, and his receipt be taken for it.