50. You are to ascertain from whom balances of former years are due: from those who have the means to pay, you are to enforce the payment of the full amount, and from such as are poor, you are to receive payment by installments—Reyuts who have fled the country are to be encouraged to return, and the balances due from them are to be recovered by gentle means; and where balances are due from Reyuts who are dead, you are to recover it from their Zin­digee*, if they had any; and if not, you are to take a Mochulka* from the Putteels and Reyuts of the village, and write them off in your accounts.

51. If any person shall deliver in a state­ment containing charges of corruption against the former or present Aumils, Serishtadars, Shamboges, &c., or against the farmers or Putteels, the parties shall be made to appear, and the money shall be recovered from them. If any altercation arises, reference shall be made to the Huzzoor and to your Cutchery; and whatever directions may be issued from thence shall be obeyed. If in future, upon such charges being pre­ferred, you shall conceal and not examine them, and it should come to the knowledge of the Huzzoor and be proved, you shall not only be made to pay the money in question, but also be fined.