46. For keeping the accounts of the dis­trict, the Serishtadars and Shamboges are to be allowed the daily expenditure of one quire of coarse paper, and one dek of lamp oil. Whatever is really expended out of this allowance, shall be passed in the accounts: the Shamboges are to take care in future, not to write upon kirrit*; accounts written upon paper will be attended to; and not accounts written upon kirrit.

47. The Naikwars of the Coondachar take bribes from the Putteels, &c. and become securities for them to Government; it is now forbidden to accept of the Naik­wars as security, the security of respectable Putteels and Shamboges is to be taken.

48. Aumils, Serishtadars, Shamboges, &c. when they visit the villages, have been accustomed to take Aloofa*, &c. from the Reyuts. There is no need to do this in future; and whoever shall transgress in this respect, shall fall under the displeasure of Government. There is also no occasion to supply with fuel, &c. the Oolkees who are sent by Government to collect the Tullub: neither is there occasion for the Reyuts to give fuel, &c. to your people who go into the villages to collect money: the Putteels of the villages are to be strictly enjoined to prevent the consumption of firewood*: if any person shall expend this article, the Aumil shall be made to account for it.

49. After the Aumil shall have arrived in the district, if, owing to his oppression, any of the Reyuts who were in the country upon his arrival shall abscond, the Aumil shall be made to pay twenty pagodas for every plough of a respectable Reyut who has fled, and ten pagodas for every plough of the poor Reyut.