38. It is ordered, that in a district which pays 10,000 pagodas, whenever 500 pagodas shall have been collected, they shall be immediately remitted to the Cutchery. You will observe what is the Jummabundy of your district; and accordingly as the money is collected, you will remit it to your Cutchery.

39. You are to require the farmers of villages to transmit their rents according to the Kistbundy, under charge of Tuhuls*; and if they fail to do so, you are to repri­mand them, and put others in their places.

40. Hircarrahs who are employed to press workmen, frequently use them ill, and extort money from them.—This must be inquired into, and forbid; men are to be pressed for the service of Government only; and if the Hircarrahs use them ill, or take money from them, they shall be punished.