35. The following rule is to be observed in making the repairs of such tanks, wells, nullas, &c. as immediately belong to Government.

The Aumil, Mutsuddy, and Hircarrahs, shall go and inspect the tanks, &c. them­selves; and in making the repairs shall be particularly attentive to the advantage of Government, and to the increase of the produce. A particular account of the mea­surement of the work repaired, by the established standard, shall be kept in the offices of the Mutsuddies and Shamboges of the villages; and the wages of the workmen shall be paid to them, taking their receipts for it. Buffaloes shall be used for convey­ing the mud for embanking the tanks every year, and an account shall be kept by the Shamboges of the quantity of mud thrown every day round every tank.

36. If any person shall, at his own expence, dig tanks, wells, &c. throw up ramparts, build small forts or bastions, or people a village, upon its being ascertained from the Mokuddums* and cultivators upon the spot, a quantity of ground (in fixing which you are to be regulated by the cus­tom of the place) shall be given to him as Inaumkutcodukee; and if no such custom shall prevail at the place in question, inquiry shall be made at the villages round about, and land be given to him as Enaum, according to what may be found to be the custom in those villages.

37. In your district, the period fixed for the payment of a Kist* is four months; and from the beginning to the end of the year, the whole of the collections are to be made in three Kists, and after deduction being made of the charges, the money is to be sent to your Cutchery, and a receipt to be taken for it. At the commencement of the month of Wausyie Bhauderpud*, you are to adjust the accounts of the Reyuts, and by the end of that month the whole of the revenue must be collected and paid in to Government.