34. Putteels and others have made tanks, wells, ponds, nullas, &c. at their own expence, and the land taken up by such tanks, &c. is held by them as Enaum Kut­codukee. This Enaum shall be continued to them, but they shall be obliged to keep such tanks, &c. in repair; Government shall not have to repair them.—They shall also be made to dig up the mud from the tanks, &c. and embank them therewith. If an Enaumdar has not the means to repair a tank which is gone to ruin, it shall be done by Government, and a yearly assessment, proportioned to the expence of the repair, shall be levied upon the Enaum­dar. The Tumgha lands of forts and cas­tles, and the borders of inclosed villages, shall be continued as usual.