22. The whole of the Rosin, Aloes-wood, Lack, Wax, and Dammer, pro­duced in the district, is to be reserved with great care, and no improper consumption of these articles is to be allowed of; but carriers are to be employed to transport the whole of it to Agran Puttun*; and in future, throughout the district, proper spots of ground are to be chosen in every village, and 2000 pine and saul trees are to be planted and taken the utmost care of; and if there are any trees of these descriptions within the tenements of the Reyuts, a price is to be fixed upon the produce of them, which is to be purchased, and the price so fixed is either to be set off against the Reyut’s rent, or to be paid to him in ready money; and of these articles not one atom is to be suffered to go out of the country.

23. Trees of Teak-wood and Acacia, the wood of which is required by Government for making the wheels of gun-carriages, &c. are not to be felled; when they are wanted for the service of Government, an order from the Huzzoor is to be obtained, upon which they are to be cut down. Wherever the seed of the Teak tree is to be met with it must be obtained, and during the rainy season it must be sown on the banks of rivers, and at the bottoms of hills, so that the quantity of these timbers may increase.

24. Throughout the district wherever there are Sandal trees which have come to perfection, they are to be cut down, and the stems, roots, and branches of them, are to be collected together, and an account having been taken of them, specifying their weight, they are to be transported to Agran Puttun. It is also ordered that San­dal wood shall be planted in great quan­tities, wherever good ground is met with, watered by running streams, rivers, and rivulets; and no person shall be permitted to cut down a single Sandal tree without the order of the Huzzoor, and if any one should by stealth do so, he shall be fined in the sum of 500 rupees.

25. You are to collect all the Tamarind and Khiar Dishtee, that is to say, Sikakauh­tee*, in your district, whether on planta­tions or in the woods, excepting what may be produced within the tenements of the Reyuts, which you are not to touch.