15. Land which has lain fallow ten years shall be delivered to Reyuts to culti­vate, upon Cowle; the first year they shall be exempt from paying any revenue, and the second year they shall only pay half of the customary assessment; but the third year the full amount thereof shall be col­lected from them. Land which is barren, mountainous, and rocky, shall also be given to the Reyuts to cultivate; and the first year they shall be entirely exempted from the payment of revenue; the second year they shall be assessed at only a fourth of the usual rate; and the third year at one half; but the fourth year they shall be assessed at the full rate. The same rule is to be observed with respect to lands of the above descriptions, the produce of which is shared between Government and the Reyut.

16. If a Reyut should offer to farm a Moza upon an annually increasing assess­ment, and it shall appear that the Moza, which is in a ruinons condition, may be brought into a flourishing state by cultiva­tion, a Cowle of three years shall be granted to the cultivator for that purpose, and from the fourth year the terms of the lease shall be fixed according to the produce of the lands.

17. The cultivation of Nukhood, Coolty, and Moot*, must be encouraged to the utmost, and Cowle be given to the Reyuts for that purpose.

18. Wheat and barley are very little cultivated in the district. It is therefore ordered, that in villages where it has never been sown, lands which are assessed at five pagodas, shall, upon their being cultivated with wheat and barley, be assessed at four pagodas only, until the fourth year, when the assessment shall be imposed at the usual rate. And in villages, where these articles are produced, the cultivation of them shall be encouraged by giving Cowle to the Reyuts.

19. It is forbidden throughout the dependencies of this Government to plant Bang; and the Reyuts must be informed, that whoever shall plant this shrub is to be fined. If any Bang should be remaining of last year’s growth, or shall have been brought in from other countries by traders, a duty shall be levied upon it of double the fixed rate; and whoever shall by stealth plant Bang behind their houses or in their gardens, shall be fined.

20. Let 200 trees of the Mango and other choice fruits be planted on some of the best ground in every village, and be taken particular care of; and let report be made of them to the Huzzoor*.

21. If any person take possession of deserted* plantations of Beetle-nut and Cocoa-nut trees, &c. in the district, and shall not pay the Kundaya* thereof to Govern­ment, such plantations, upon discovery being made of them, shall be sequestered, and people shall be employed on the part of Government to cultivate them properly, so that the number of fruit trees, Turcar­ree*, &c. may be increased. The particu­lars of the trees shall be entered in an account, and the Muhussool* thereof be delivered to Government, and be entered in the offices. There are also many persons who possess plantations without paying rent. In all such cases, whenever it shall become known, they are to be assessed like other Reyuts. You are also to take a share of the Tuccavee, &c. or whatever grows under the fruit trees.