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Title Page
THE original object of the publication ii
Occasion of its being extended iii
Extract from the preface of Al Sirajiyyah iv
Motives for investigating the principles of Indian Administration xii
. . .
Mysorean Revenue Regulations, under the Seal of Tippoo Sultaun.
Advertisement and translator’s dedication lv
Explanation of Telinga terms, left doubtful in the Cal­cutta edition lvii
Regulations to be observed by the Aumils and Serish­tadars in the district of Waumloor, dependant on the Cutcherry of Awulpatam 1
Settlement, improvement of cultivation 6
Subordinate officers, superintendance of the cultiva­tion of wastes and deserted lands 9
Timber and produce reserved for the use of government 13
Encouragement of new plantations 15
Register of population, and produce of the country 17
Accurate measurement of land by the Derra Sultaunee 18
Formation and repair of Tanks 20
Their inspection 21
Regulation of collection, and remittance of revenue 23
Periods of attendance at the offices 24
Allowances to the offices 26
Balances 28
Control of officers. Robbers 29
Care of cattle 30
Stragglers without passes to be stopped 31
Measurement of distances. Dispatch of government service 32
Allowance to the officers 33
Monthly price current to be made 34
Establishment of bullocks for public service 35
Villages and plantations to be enclosed with hedges and trees 37
Forts repaired 38
Militia 39
Government houses 40
Exemptions. Persons proscribed 41
Rules for public salutes. Instruction of Inhabitants 43
Standard measures. Standard coin 45
Standard weights 46
Standard measure for distances 47
Iron founderies 48
Purchase of saltpetre 49
Vintner’s shops 50
Lame and blind to be collected 52
Government servants not to rent villages ibid.
Straw to be provided 56
Regulation for foddering the cavalry ibid.
Regulation of the studs 57
Register of the brood-mares and foals belonging to the Reyuts 60
Regulation for the purchase of gold, silver, and copper 61
Regulation of sheep belonging to government 63
Markets where salt may be purchased 65
Express Hircarrahs 66
Abandoned girls to be sent to the Kutcherry 67
Bankers’ shops 68
Peons 70
Relation of the Aumil to the Kelladar 73
Rules for laying in provisions and stores 77
List of the articles necessary 79
Rules for establishing the store 80
Stamp of the district to be on all iron implements, and shot 83
Names of the year and months to be expressed in the accounts 87
Register of the riches of Pagodas 89
Moral maxims, descriptive of four sorts of offence 90
Commutation of fines on Reyuts to the planting and care of fir trees 93
. . .