To the SIPAHDÂR, MAHOMMED ALI; same Date. (18th July.)

YOU write, “that placing yourself at the head of five companies* “from the Jyshe-Risâlas, you advanced into the ditch; from whence, “after putting to the sword every man of the enemy found there, some “of your Kushoon pushed on, and ascending the walls, planted their “colours on one of the towers [or bastions]. Here, however, the “enemy`s people, assembling in great numbers, and assailing ours with “musquetry, hand-granades,* &c. you [thought proper to] recall “your men from the tower, [and to content yourself with] making a “lodgement in advance.*

It is known. Your duty is to perform such services as you are ordered to execute, and not to act according to the suggestions of your own mind. You must not again proceed in this idle manner, but regulate your conduct by the general opinion.


If Mahommed Ali was a raw and inexperienced soldier,* he seems, at least, to have been a bold and enterprising one. The action here described would appear to have been performed without the knowledge, or orders, of his superiors; and is, therefore, very properly condemned by the Sultan, whose reproof on the occasion was, perhaps, sufficiently mild.