(1st July.)

YOUR letter of the 9th of Jaafury, was received on the 18th of the same month [or this day]. You write, “that in the course of a con­ference which you had had with Râo Râsta, Hurry Pundit* being “present gave a licence to his tongue, of a nature that tended to lower “and disgrace you; and that, in consequence, you thought it utterly “inexpedient to remain there any longer.

It is known. Such being the ungracious and unpalatable state of things, what advantage can arise from it? That friend, therefore, together with Noor Mahommed Khân, must, at any rate, and without leaving a single individual of your mission behind you, set out for our Presence, nor wait for any farther orders.


It might be supposed, from the recital here made by the Sultan of the letter of the envoys, that the latter had not communicated the offensive observations of Hurry Pundit in detail, but satisfied themselves with stating, that they had been of the most affronting nature. Be this as it may, it is clear that the Sultan`s warmest indignation was excited on the occasion: nor did it immediately subside, since we shall presently see him repeating his order for the return of the envoys, in a still more peremptory tone than in the foregoing dispatch. But however wounded his pride might have been at first, by the injurious language imputed to Hurry Pundit, he seems ultimately to have subdued, or at least to have repressed, his anger; inasmuch as he thought proper, at no great distance of time, to change his mind with regard to the recall of his agents.