To the SÂNORE Man;* dated 18th JAAFURY. (1st July.)

YOUR letter, containing an account of your welfare, adorned the face of arrival, and imparted joy and pleasure to us. What the pen of friendship has traced, in excuse for past offences, is comprehended. Of this matter not the slightest impression remains on the mind of this friend: the only fault (or failure) imputable to that friend being, that he did not examine with care and diligence into the state of his revenue accounts; the consequence of which has been, a heavy deficiency in the amount realized. Our accomptants have made themselves thoroughly acquainted with the details of the territory held conditionally by you;* and after making every fair and proper deduction for military charges, have ascertained the balance justly due to us from you.* You must, therefore, agreeably to your former promises, speedily pay the amount into the hands of the bankers, and dispatch the latter to us. You must not suffer any delay to take place in this matter. With respect to the accomptants and others in your employ, who have been guilty of the malversations [in question], you should compel them, by rigorous proceedings, to make restitution of the sums of which they have plun­dered you.

In regard to the servants and Taalûkdârs of that friend, we assure him that no interruption or disturbance shall be given to them by any one.