To the same; dated 10th JAAFURY. (23d June.)

WE have received your letter, acknowledging the receipt of twenty-one thousand pagodas; and representing that, so far from that sum sufficing for the payment of all your troops, it is inadequate even to the payment of the regular infantry. It is understood. Adverting to this very cir­cumstance, we some time since wrote to you, desiring you to transmit to us a full and distinct statement of the monthly disbursements of the troops under your command, in order that we might make you the necessary remittances. We now repeat those directions; upon your complying with which we will take your report into consideration, and supply you with money [according as may appear requisite to us].

N.B. There follows here another short passage, respecting the pay of the troops, which I suspect to have been miscopied, but which is, at any rate, unin­telligible to me.