To KUMRÛDDEEN KHÂN; dated 6th JAAFURY. (19th June.)

YOUR letter, advising us of your having detached a Risâla to Kun­nek-geery, has been received, and we approve of what you have done. We desire [however] that you will particularly state, whose Risâla you have sent [on this service], as well as what number of cavalry it consists of. Your are to send the pay abstracts* of this cavalry to Mohyûddeen Ali Khân, the Dewân of Kurpah.

Having erected batteries close to the walls of the fort, and well breached the same, you will, with the concurrence of the Sipahdârs and other commanders with you, assault and reduce the place. It will be better, however, to endeavour, to the utmost of your power, to gain possession of it by management,* and by striking an awe into the gar­rison. It must be stormed only in case of absolute necessity.


The kind of management here recommended to Kumrûddeen Khân will more fully appear in subsequent letters. It consisted in the practice of every unprin­cipled art that might tend to circumvent the garrison, and induce them to submit to terms.