To MEER KÂZIM, Commercial Consul, or Chief of the Factory at MUS­CAT;
written in the Night of the 5th of BYÂZY. (20th February.)

PROPOSE to the merchants of Muscat, (and get the Imaum* to issue orders to the same effect,) to bring hither, on the empty Dingies,* such horses as they may have for sale; which being sold to us, the owners can carry back the produce in rice.


Several letters in this collection, as well as the present one, are dated at night, a circumstance that does not denote them to be of any urgency or particular importance (as one might be led to suppose), but merely shows the diligent application of the Sultan to business; the word night here implying some time after midnight.* Its insertion in such a dispatch as the preceding one, certainly carries with it an air of affectation.

Tippoo Sultan was very desirous of establishing a commercial intercourse with Muscat; not, perhaps, without some ulterior view to a political connexion with that petty state. The encouragement which he held out, for this purpose, to the merchants of Muscat, as well as his own particular notions of trade, will appear in the sequel.