To CHISHTY YÂR KHÂN;* dated 5th JAAFURY. (18th June.)

YOUR letter has been received, and its contents are duly understood. What you write, respecting the rigorous proceeding of Mahommed Ushruf, the Darogha of Gooty, in sending five horsemen to enforce payment of the third instalment of the revenue of your district, is revealed.

Esteeming you to be intelligent in business, a person of integrity, and a well-wisher of our government, we appointed you to your present charge; and we confidently trust, that you will use your utmost exer­tions to promote the interest of the Sircar, the prosperity of your Taalûk, and the increase of its revenue; and [especially] that you will, according to your written engagement, discharge the whole of the third Kist within the period of a month, paying the amount thereof into our treasury. In this persuasion, we transmit you a Purwâneh, to the address of the aforesaid* [Darogha], directing him to withdraw his horsemen, which you will accordingly forward to him. You must, at the same time, labour most diligently in the improvement of your Taalûk, and in the collection and augmentation of its revenues.