To RÂJAH RÂM CHUNDUR; same date. (15th June)

YOUR letter, together with the Hindivy enclosure, addressed to the Aumil of Vencatigeery, has been received, and the particulars therein stated are become known.

Write to the aforesaid Aumil, that he must address Bâboo Râo, the renter of Vellore, to this effect, viz. “that it is not the custom of the “Taalûks belonging to our Sircar to allow the residence of robbers “therein; and that, upon the discovery of any such, they are imme­diately put to death.” What more?


The Hindivy enclosure, here referred to, was probably from the renter of Vellore (in the Carnatic), requiring some robbers, supposed to have taken refuge in the Vencatigeery district, to be delivered up. The answer ordered to be sent to this demand is a sufficient proof of the little disposition which the Sultan had to maintain an amicable, or even civil, intercourse with the existing government of the Carnatic.