To BÛRHÂNÛDDEEN; dated 21st BEHÂRY. (4th June.)

YOU have represented to us, “that you had proposed to Kumrûddeen “Khân to make over to him the Kushoon of Shaikh Unser, and to take, “in its place, the Kushoon of the commandant Mahommed Ali; but “that the aforesaid Khân had given for answer, that it was not proper, “at this time, to make such an exchange.” Well! what does it signify? Let the Kushoon of Mahommed Ali remain there (i. e. with Kumrûd­deen.)*


You write also, “that you purposed transferring to Kumrûddeen half “of the great guns, of the labourers, Coolies, &c. and keeping the “other half yourself.” It is well: and you will continue to make the same division hereafter.

You say, “that the Vakeel* of Kittoor had been with you, and “represented to you, that if his master were allowed a week or two, he “would, at the end of that time, wait upon you, and perform such “services for the Sircar as should be required of him.” It is known. At the expiration of the specified period, you will, accordingly, send for him, and employ him in our service.*