To KUMRÛDDEEN; dated 11th BEHÂRY. (25th May)

YOUR letter, mentioning that you had nearly completed your first two approaches, and that Bûrhânûddeen’s batteries were still unfinished, has passed under our view, and the contents are comprehended. This is an affair of a hill-fort. Without approaching very close to the place, and making a very wide and effectual breach, it will never be advisable or proper to attempt an assault: you must, therefore, wait until Bûrhânûd­deen’s batteries are completed; keeping up, in the mean while, such a fire on the place, as shall utterly destroy the wall on your side. Bûrhân­ûddeen has been written to, directing him to deliver to you half of the guns and labourers [he has recently received]; with the help of which you must continue to push on your approaches, and speedily reduce this fort.