To MAHOMMED USHRUF; same date. (17th May.)

YOUR letter, accompanied by a statement of the receipts, disburse­ments, and balances of the Taalûks of Gooty, Bulhâry, Ouk, and Hindi-Unnuntpoor, has been received, and the particulars set forth [therein] are understood.

You write, “that there are large balances outstanding in the Taalûks “of the Sircar, and particularly in Gooty and Bulhâry, where only a “thousand pagodas have been collected, notwitstanding four horsemen “have been employed as Suzâwuls;* and you therefore desire, that “peremptory orders may be issued [on the occasion] from the Presence.”

You must scourge the defaulters severely, and [by this means] speedily realize the dues of the Sircar. What more?