To the same; dated 3d BEHÂRY. (17th May.)

YOUR letter, informing us of the molestation given by the cavalry and Kushoons attached to the division under Bûrhânûddeen to the labourers* coming from Dhârwâr [to your camp,] has been received, and its con­tents are understood.

You write also [in the same letter,] “that the quantity of powder, as “well as of eighteen and twenty-four pounds shot, with Bûrhânûddeen’s “army, is inadequate [to the service going forward,] and request us to “send orders to the Kilaadâr of Dhârwâr, to dispatch a further supply “of those articles.” It is known. We have already written, and now again write, to say, that all stores arriving from the Taalûks of the Sircar are to be divided equally between you and Bûrhânûddeen.

We enclose an order for the shot, &c. required, to the Kilaadâr of Dhârwâr, to whom you will forward it. On receiving this supply, deliver half of it to Bûrhânûddeen In like manner, take the half of all other supplies that arrive; and attacking Nergûnd from one side, while Bûr­hânûddeen attacks it from the other, let the fortress be speedily reduced.