To the same; dated 20th Regular AHMEDY. (5th May.)

YOUR letter has been received; and your account of the reduction of Râmdoorg, and of your having placed a garrison therein, is understood.

Sending for the battering guns from Dhârwâr, and collecting together the necessary materials for the erection of batteries, &c. you will proceed against Nergûnd, and lose no time in reducing it.

Nursia, the Taalûkdâr of Nugr, has, by our order, sent you two hundred Coolies, who have most probably joined you. You will report their arrival. The Coolies belonging to Kopul and Bâdâmy are already with you: be expeditious, therefore, in collecting together every thing necessary [for the early siege of Nergûnd]. A Hindivy order has been sent, for placing two Jowks,* &c., in garrison at Râmdoorg, agreeably to which you will act.

You and Kumrûddeen Khân, agreeing in word and thought, must execute the business of the Sircar in a splendid [or creditable] manner.

N. B. A letter of the same tenor and date was dispatched to Kumrûddeen.