(Referred to at LETTER XL.)
COPY of INSTRUCTIONS, relative to INTELLIGENCE, directed to the DÂROGHAS of HURKÂREHS, and others.*
[In the Sultan’s own hand.]
The Dâroghas and Nâigs, together with the spies, are to go the rounds; to see with their own eyes; and to report [all occurrences] in writing.

INSTRUCTIONS directed to Ghûlâm Ahmed Dârogha of Hurkârehs, and Syed Ali, Dârogha of Couriers, and Meer Bâker, Dârogha of the Paish-kheema,* and Shama Nâig, and Shaisa Nâig, and Sadaseo Nâig, as follows:

You, the above mentioned Hurkâreh Nâigs, must, during the space of one month, place spies throughout the whole fort, in the town of Gâjam, and in the two camp huzars, &c. and also over the doors of the great Meers’ houses, and [by these means] gain intelligence of every person who goes to the dwelling of another,and of what people say; and acquire knowledge of the true state of things.

You three Dâroghas must write the occurrences of every day in three separate Persian reports, with your own hands; and you three Nâigs must, with your own hands, write three separate Canary reports, and bring and deliver them to the Presence. But first you must give intelligence to all persons, that it is the order of the Presence, that no one shall go to the house of another to converse; but that whatever they may have to say must be communicated in their respective Kuchurries. If, notwithstanding this order, any person should go to the house of another, you must, upon his returning out of the same, bring him that moment to the gate of the palace, and report [the circumstance] to the Presence.

During one month, you, together with your Hurkârehs, shall perform the duty of spies; and the next month you must communicate these orders, regarding intelligence, to Akibut Mahommed, Dârogha of Hurkârehs, and Kâdir Ali, Dârogha of Couriers, and Meer Yoosif, Dârogha of the Paish-kheema, and Singa Nâig, Poota Nâig, Nubby Yâr Khân, Chik Nâig, and Hully Narâin, and put them on the duty of spies. You will then remain in [the execution of] your functions at the gate of the palace.

After one month, the aforesaid will report to you again the orders regarding intelligence, and you will again perform the duty of spies. In this manner you must relieve each other monthly: and the orders of the Presence are not again necessary [on this subject].

Written the 25th of the month Rubbâny, year Shâd, 1223 from the birth of Mahommed, with the hand of Syed Hûsain.

To this purport other instructions have been written, directed to Akibut Mahom­med, Dârogha of Hurkârehs, and Kâder Ali, Dârogha of Couriers, and Meer Yoosif, Dârogha of the Paish Kheema, to Singa Nâig, Pootah Nâig, Nubby Yâr Khân, Chik Nâig, and Hully Nârâin.

The following is a translation of a note addressed to Tippoo, by no less a personage than Mahommed Mukhdoom, the son of Lala Meea. This document shows, that the Sultan employed spies of all ranks.

“Cherisher of the World! Health be unto you!

“Your slave, as he was coming from the house of his brother, happened to “meet in the way with Ghûlâm Hyder. Sitting down together, he told me that “the household effects of Husun Ali were about to be sent off that very day. I “answered, that I had heard the same thing, but not from any authority to be “depended upon. Now, however, that your slave has received the orders of the “resplendent Presence for the purpose, he will be careful to obtain every possible “information, and to report to the sublime Presence such authentic intelligence as “shall reach him.”