To MÛSHEER ÛL MÛLK; dated 4th RUBEE ÛL OUWUL, A.H. 1201.*

THE Mûtusuddy, Luchman Râo, was sent by me, merely for the pur­pose of ascertaining why the Nabob, Nizâm Ali Khân Behâdûr, not­withstanding the contract of mutual union which took place between us, through the medium* of Mahommed Iftikhâr Khân,* had suddenly confederated with the people of Poonah, and without any cause [or provocation on my part], advanced into my dominions. He was not dispatched with any other view.

I have, at this time, indirectly learned,* that that friend has placed a guard over the above-mentioned Mûtusuddy. This circumstance is very surprising: and though I find it difficult to believe the account, seeing that such conduct is not usual with great persons, yet if it should really be the case, [I desire you will] dismiss the said Mûtusuddy.