To GHÛLÂM GHUZUNFUR; dated 4th TÛLOOEY. (1st December.)

WHAT you write, respecting the promise of Wunkeish Doob, the banker, to fulfil his engagements in the course of fifteen days, is under­stood. The aforesaid has, for six years past, constantly given the same assurance at the end of every fifteen days. He is a great liar, and you must not mind his promises; but, at the expiration of the time appointed for his settling, compel him to do so, by proceeding very rigorously against him.

It has come to our knowledge, through the channel of the Canarese newspapers, that Mohyûddeen Ali Khân, notwithstanding his great age,* and his experience, during his recent visit to us, of our dispo­sition in this respect,* has forgotten himself so far as to resume his former passion for the exhibition of dancing, which he knows to be highly repugnant to our pleasure. This is a sign [or proof] of superfluous wealth. But wherefore have you remained silent on this occasion; and why have you not forbidden his pursuit of this amusement?