To MAHOMMED DURWAISH, and the other VAKEELS proceeding to
FRANCE; dated 2d TÛLOOEY. (29th November.)

WE have lately dispatched to you, in the joint charge of Yunkut Rumna, an Hurkâreh of the brotherhood* of Pota, and of Kumâl Mahommed, of the brotherhood of Shaikh Mudâr, a casket, having our special seal affixed to it, in which is enclosed a diamond ring. You must open this casket, and taking from thence the ring which it contains, deposit the same in the box of jewels intended for the Râjah of the French, which you took with you from hence, and which has also our special seal affixed to it. You are, at the same time, to take out from the said box the ruby ring which you will find in it, and placing it in the casket now sent to you, to which your seals must be affixed, return the said ruby ring to us by the two aforesaid persons.

Having deposited the diamond ring, now sent, in the box with which you were originally charged, you are to affix your seals to it, and take great care of the same.

As there was from the beginning a diamond ring in the box [which you took with you], there will now, including that which has been just sent to you, be two, which is the number of diamond rings specified in your Hûkm-nâmeh [or instructions], as you will perceive on a reference to the latter.