To MAHOMMED USHRUF; dated 11th HYDERY. (8th November.)

YOUR humble address has passed under our view, by which we per­ceive that you have dispatched the account [of sales] of the shops* belonging to the Sircar [i. e. to us].

You write, that “there is no Mûtusuddy appointed for keeping the “accounts of the Tosheh-khâneh, and that, with our leave, you will “employ a Serishtedâr* for the purpose; otherwise, you request that “some one may be nominated and dispatched from the Presence.” It is known. If you will refer to your Hûkm-nâmeh [or instructions] you will find it written there, “that a separate Mûtusuddy for keeping the “accounts of the Tosheh-khâneh is unnecessary, and that this duty is “to be performed by one of the numerous Serishtedârs of the Muhâls “[or revenue officers].” That you should propose, notwithstanding this [regulation], to employ a separate Mûtusuddy, can be attributed to no other cause than ignorance and want of understanding. Look into your instructions, and act agreeably to them.