To MEER MOAAYENÛDDEEN KHÂN; same Date. (4th November.)

SEND and station the bullocks belonging to the great guns, and also those attached to your own Kushoon, together with their Dâroghas and drivers, into the rear of our special tents [or of the head-quarters], where, at the extremity of the army encampment, there is a spot abound­ing in grass, which will afford the cattle [good] pasturage. In that friend’s present situation, there is no grass but what is at a great dis­tance. Here it is at hand; by which means the cattle will [soon] get into good condition. When you march again, or if you should want them for any particular purpose, you can send and order them to rejoin you.

N.B. A similar order appears to have been addressed, at the same time, to Bûrhânûddeen; but afterwards revoked, in consequence of its being ascertained and reported to the Sultan, that the situation occupied by Bûrhânûddeen afforded sufficient pasturage for the cattle of his division.