To the SHÂNOOR-Man (i. e. ABDÛL HUKEEM KHÂN); same Date.
(25th October.)

YOUR intention of coming [hither] has been verbally communicated to us by Kureem Khân, and the account has afforded us pleasure: notwith­standing, the ungracious proceeding* of which you have [recently] been guilty is such, as I could never have imagined to be possible. It is well. My friendly disposition towards you still continues: repair hither, there­fore, with a confident mind. The house and place are both yours.* The remaining particulars will be imparted to you by the bearer of this letter.


Whatever message Abdûl Hukeem Khân may have sent to the Sultan, it is diffi­cult to believe, after what had passed, that he should have entertained a serious intention of putting himself again in the power of the latter. He may, indeed, have been disappointed in his expectations from the Mahrattahs; but he probably knew the Sultan too well, to hope for any better treatment, in the event of his return to Shânoor. Be this as it might, it is certain that he did not return thither till the conclusion of the war.