To BÛRHÂNÛDDEEN; dated 26th WÂSAAEY. (25th September.)

FOUR Kushoons have likewise been dispatched [to you] with Ghâzy Khân. You must leave all the women and other rubbish,* together with the superfluous baggage belonging to your army, at Unwutty,* and crossing the river with the above-mentioned [Ghâzy Khân], repair directly to the Presence, instead of halting [as directed by our letter of yesterday], at the distance of six or seven coss from the victorious army. You will bring on with you, however, your light baggage, as well as all your warlike apparatus,* with the exception of one of your three great guns. This, with whatever spare wheels you may have,* you must leave with your heavy baggage: with which, such of your bullocks as are in bad condition must, likewise, remain. The two Lumchurs* are to accompany you.


On the 25th of Wâsaaey (or 24th of September), the Sultan had determined to send Ghâzy Khân, with no more than his own Risâla of Kuzzâks, or Looties, to join Bûrhânûddeen’s division: but, either in consequence of some intelligence of the enemy’s motions, received subsequently to the dispatch of Letter CCCLXXII, or with a view to render the junction of his brother-in-law with his own army more secure and easy, he next day changes his plan, and resolves on re-inforcing the latter, to the extent which has been seen. It does not appear, either from the correspondence or from the Sultan’s own Memoirs, where Bûrhânûddeen was at this time, or when his junction with the “victorious” army was effected.