To BÛRHÂNÛDDEEN and BUDRÛZ ZUMÂN KHÂN (of the same tenor);
same Date. (24th September.)

IN a letter which we dispatched to you by Eeeroo Pindâreh,* and the Hurkâreh, Munchajee, you were furnished with a route. You must, accordingly, proceed, either by the route indicated in that letter, or by some other road, leading through a [close or] woody country; and taking up a position within six or seven coss of Deogurry,* where our victorious army is [at present] encamped, report your arrival to the Presence.

Ghâzy Khân* is a person of extensive knowledge and experience, and [particularly] well acquainted with the roads [of this country]. He has, on this account, been sent with his Risâla to join you; upon his doing which, you are to regulate your march by his advice and opinion.