To KUMRÛDDEEN; dated 9th Regular AHMEDY. (24th April.)

WHAT you write, respecting the flight of the enemy’s army, and of horses taken by our troops, as also your application for Purwânehs to Ibrâheem Ali Khân and Râjoo Pundit, directing them to dispatch supplies to you,* is understood. With regard to the horses, you must take them [from the captors,] at a valuation;* and, after placing such as are strong and in good condition in our stables, distribute the rest among the Silahdârs,* to be mounted by men out of employ. You will, in conjunction with Bûrhânûddeen and the other [commanders], chastise the enemy in such a manner, that they may not be suffered to take breath before they reach the river Kishna. Having thus soundly beaten them, you will again encamp before Râmdoorg. You are also, from time to time, to repair to the quarters of Bûrhânûddeen; and to act in concert with him, and all the rest of the commanders, in whatsoever relates to occupying the necessary positions, and to the open­ing of the trenches. On the other hand, if you should, upon any occasion, find it necessary to do so, you will send to Bûrhânûddeen to come to you. The latter, as well as the Sipahdârs attached to him, has been instructed to the same effect.* Ibrâheem Ali Khân and Râjoo Pundit have likewise been written to, according to your desire.