To BÛDRUZ ZUMÂN KHÂN; dated 13th WÂSAAEY. (12th September.)

WE have received your three letters, together with those addressed to you by Ali Râjah* and the Kâzy of Nugr, and also the statement of the peculations of the Kilaadâr of Bullaraedoorg.* You write, “that the “aforesaid Kilaadâr is a cheat* and an oppressor;* and that, with “our permission,* you will appoint and send [thither] Kureem Khân, “who, agreeably to our orders, has [lately] joined you from Lud­dasheoo-ghurr.

It is known. It is well.* Displace the aforesaid Kilaadâr; and, according to your proposal,* appoint and dispatch the above named [Kureem Khân] to [take charge of] the fort [in question.]

On the night* of the 13th of the month Wâsaaey, we detached two Kushoons [with orders] to make a night-attack upon the enemy. The detachment accordingly surprized the enemy,* poured such a discharge of cannon and musquetry among them, that the reprobate crew,*

unable to support [it], fell into the utmost disorder, and dispersed* with cropped ears and tails.* This is written for your information.