To SHÂH ABDÛLLAH SÂHEB; same Date. (11th August.)

VERSED in theology and in the sciences, the peace of Almighty God be with you!

Our special retinue happening, at this time, to come into the vicinity of Kurknâth, we have dispatched Abubekr Khân, with a Dooly,* for [the conveyance of] that [person] conversant in the sciences, who must afford us the pleasure of an interview.


My information does not enable me to state, whether or not there is any Durgâh, or shrine, of particular sanctity, within the neighbourhood of Kurknâth: but it is not improbable that there is, and that Shâh Abdullâh Sâheb was the presiding priest of it. But whatever his office might be, it may be inferred, from the circumstance of the Sultan’s sending a Dooly, instead of a Palankeen, for him, that he did not hold the first rank among the order of the religious.