To the DÂROGHAS of the JINSY (probably SHUMSÛDDEEN KHÂN and GHÛLÂM HYDER); dated from HEMSÂGUR,* 6th HÂSHIMY. (7th August.)

DIRECTING them to dispatch ten copies of the Mûfurrihûlkûloob. Five of them containing the work at large,* and to have silver locks [or hasps]: the other five to be abridgements,* without silver locks [or hasps].*


The book here mentioned is, according to Major Stewart (Catalogue of Tippoo Sultan’s library) a collection of fables, in imitation of Pilpay’s. It may be inferred, from the Sultan’s sending for so many copies of this book, that they were designed as presents. If I understand the original rightly, there must be two editions of the work in question: one containing the fables at large, or complete; the other an abridgement.