To BUDRÛZ ZUMÂN KHÂN; same Date. (1st August.)

OUR special retinue will soon cross the river at Gung Kurknâth, and arrive in that quarter. It is now the rainy season. Taking all your army with you, apply yourself to the chastisement of the rebels of Soopeh, &c. The superintendant of the post at Suddasheoo-ghurr and Soandeh will be shortly removed, and another be sent in his place.


Although it appears, by Letters CCCVII and CCCVIII, that Budrûz Zumân Khân was directed to join Burhânûddeen, there is reason to think, that this order was subsequently revoked; since, besides the different destination here assigned him, it is pretty certain, that he was not present at the general action which took place between the Mahrattahs and Tippoo near Shânoor, the beginning of the following December.