To BÛRHÂNÛDDEEN; dated 23d DÂRÂEY. (26th July.)

YOU must, after some days, when the road shall have become safe [or the communication is opened], dispatch the Risâla of Shaikh Boodhun, which is one that may be depended on,* to Dhârwâr, and send for the Risâla of Shaikh Humeed [to supply its place]. The Kilaadâr of Dhârwâr is, at the same time, to be directed to dispatch to you, under charge of the said Risâla, Yenkut Rungia,* of whom you must take good care. You must also be mindful to encamp with your army in a good situation, where little rain falls [or lays]. The special retinue will speedily arrive in that quarter from Kurk-nâth.