To BÛRHÂNÛDDEEN; dated 9th DÂRÂEY. (12th July.)

DIRECTING him to station a Risâla of the Jyshe, under Shaikh Boodhun (brother to Shaikh Unser), at Dhârwâr; and to dispatch, with great care, to Chittledoorg, the Daisye and other hostages.


The Daisye, here mentioned, is, no doubt, the unfortunate chief of Kittoor, of whom the last notice was taken in Letter CLXX. Another dispatch, on the same subject, makes it rather uncertain, whether the Daisye himself was to be removed to Chittledoorg, or only such of his servants or dependants as were deprived of their liberty at the same time with him, and who are distinguished in the original by the term Ool, or hostages.