To RÂJÂH RÂM CHUNDUR; dated 4th DÂRÂEY. (7th July.)

YOU have represented to us, “that Syed Peer, the Kilaadâr of that “place [Bangalore], requires a separate order from us to himself [as a “warrant], for his dispatching to the Presence the cannon-shot [for “which we lately wrote to you].” It is known. Cannon-shot are not now wanted: they must, therefore, not be sent.


As Syed Peer was not reproved for declining to obey an order not addressed to himself, it may be concluded, that he was justified in what he did by the regulations of his department; and, consequently, that the Sultan had issued his orders in an informal manner.

It moreover may be inferred from the foregoing letter, that the Sultan’s operations against Adoni had now terminated.