To BÛRHÂNÛDDEEN; dated 2d DÂRÂEY. (5th July.)

WE have learned of the flight of the enemy’s army from Hoobly*; and that that light of our eyes has encamped at Kulhungy,* a very strong and [well] protected situation. The rains, however, are violent at that place: you must [therefore] encamp on [or move to] some spot, where the rain is more moderate, in order that your horses, &c. [or your cattle] may not perish, or your people suffer inconvenience.

You write, on the subject of confining Abdûl Sumud Khân,* the son of Hukeem Khân, “that Dileer Dil Khân having represented him to “be attached to the Sircar, and as entertaining no dangerous views of “any kind, you propose waiting a repetition of our orders for his “arrest.” It is known. You must secure his person, and send him [a prisoner] to Nugr.

Agreeably to your desire, we have written [and enclosed] orders to the Taalûkdâr of Nugr, and to the [several] Aumils of that district, to dispatch supplies of grain to you. You must forward the said orders to them, and apply for the grain [you require].