To MEER TÛRÂB ALI; dated 22d SHAABÂN.* (28th June.)

THIS is a letter from the Sultan, inviting the person addressed to repair to his court, where he promises him a favourable reception, and a provision suitable to his rank and qualifications. It would not appear to be an answer to any direct overture in writing from Tûrâb Ali, but to have resulted from some verbal commu­nication made to the Sultan by a Hindoo agent, named Lâleh Wullub Doss.

I take this Meer Tûrâb Ali to be the same person who will hereafter be found making some figure in the intrigues carried on by Tippoo, in the year 1796-7, at the court of Hyderabad. He was probably, at this period, a dependant of Mohâ­but Jung. It does not appear from the correspondence, whether or not he accepted the Sultan’s proposals on the present occasion; but other documents furnish reason to think he did not. It is not unlikely, that he might have satisfied the Sultan that he could serve him better where he then was, than by actually joining him; which, however, he ultimately did, after the lapse of some years.