To BUDRÛZ ZUMÂN KHÂN; dated 10th JAAFURY. (13th June.)

You write, “that the Piâdehs, who had been employed to escort “provisions to the fort of Kittoor, wished, on their return from thence, “to be dispatched to the Presence: but that, in consequence of your “hearing of the enemy’s troops being spread over* the country about “Shânoor, &c. you had [judged it best to] distribute them among the “forts of Hurriâl, Ullooty, &c.* for the defence of those places, and “that you had seated yourself [i.e. established your own quarters] at “Sehngah.*

It is known. In the written instructions delivered to you it is directed, that you shall keep together, under your immediate command, from ten to fifteen thousand men. Conform to these orders, and do not divide your forces; but establish yourself with them somewhere in the province of Nugr, as at Hurriâl, Urkunny, &c. It is now the rainy season: send for a Risâla of Jyshe from Kûriâl [Mangalore] and, agreeably to your instructions, assembling other Jyshe and Piâdehs, to the amount of ten or twelve thousand men, take up a position with this force, either at Hurpunhully, Urkunny, or some other place, situated [like them] on that [i. e. the further,* or east] side of the Tungbuddra. Having done this, report the same to us; and afterwards proceed, according to the manner that shall be directed in the orders [you will receive] from the Presence.