(24th May.)

YOUR letter of the 14th Behâry [17th May] was received this day, and has informed us of Dowlat Khân’s being ill of the stone in the bladder: we have, in consequence, sent by the post an emetic [to be taken the first day], together with [other proper] medicines for the seven subsequent days. These are all separately made up in cloth and sealed.

The way of taking an emetic is this: dissolving the powder in about four tolah weight of hot water, let him swallow it. After this, whenever he feels inclined to vomit, he must drink eight tolah weight of warm water. When he has vomited five or six times, let him, after an interval of six hours, have some broth mixed with rice. In the evening, before he eats his dinner,* make him take, in a little cold water, half a tolah weight of seed of flea-wort,* softened with some oil of almonds. By the favor of God, in one or two vomitings, the stranguary, or obstruc­tion of urine, will be removed.

The following morning [after the vomit] a dose of the other medicine is to be taken in eight tolahs of syrup of âb-shâkh* and radish leaves.* This course is to be pursued for seven days, during which the patient need not abstain from acids, but must avoid eating black and red pepper, and other heating and flatulent things.* The diet should be curry of radishes with boiled rice, and his drink an infusion of musk-melon seeds, cucumber seeds, and dry thorn,* of each half a tolah weight. By this means, if there should even [or actually] be a stone [in the bladder] it will be passed.*