To MEER MOAAYENÛDDEEN; same Date. (15th May.)

SEVEN sealed orders,* specifying [or appointing] the daily marches [of your division], are sent herewith. Keep them by you, and return those formerly [delivered to you]. Issue directions to the people of your army, to provide themselves with six days’ provisions; and be prepared to exe­cute whatever orders you shall hereafter receive.


The orders, here alluded to, appear to have been of the nature of sailing orders in our navy. They were each, probably, to be opened on a stated day; when the place to which the troops were to march on that particular day would be ascertained. Secrecy, of course, was the object of this arrangement: but it does not appear upon what service Moaayenûddeen was to be employed. It was now eight days since the Sultan had arrived in the vicinity of Great Balapoor; and he was, probably, advanced, at the date of the present orders, as far as Râidoorg, from whence Adoni might be easily reached in six marches. On this point, however, we are unfortunately left entirely to conjecture, in consequence of none of the dispatches of the present period happening to specify the place from whence they were written. It is not unlikely, however, that Moaayenûddeen was pushed forward for the purpose of investing Adoni, previously to the arrival of the main army before it.