To MEER MOAAYENÛDDEEN; same Date. (6th May.)

IN addition to the force already attached to you, four other Kushoons, viz. Mahommed Huleem’s, Rujub Ali’s, Shaikh Omar’s, and Ahmed Baig’s, are ordered to join you. At the end of to-morrow’s march [and, for the future] you must encamp these four Kushoons in the form of a square,* within [or in the centre of] which you are yourself regularly to take post.

We have moreover appointed Mahommed Kâzim and Yenket Râo, the Serishtedâr of the Jyshe, to these four Kushoons:* and, finally, you will be further re-inforced by the Risâla of Behrâm, and some other troops, both horse and foot, under the command of Mohyûddeen Khân.


I am not certain who Moaayenûddeen was; but I have an indistinct notion that he was related to the Sultan. Be this as it may, he would appear, by the foregoing letter, to have been an officer of high command and trust. The order of encampment, here prescribed to him, was to be observed, it seems, from the time of the army’s arriving at Great Balapoor. Whether or not this disposition was made with any particular view to guarding against a sudden attack, I am unable to determine. It is not probable, however, that the Sultan had any expectation of encountering an enemy on his present line of march.