To MEER KÂZIM, DÂROGHA at MUSCAT: same Date. (6th May.)

THE rock-salt, of which you sent a sample (see Letter CCLVIII,) is very fine: you must, therefore, buy a large quantity of it, and lading it on the return Dingies belonging to the Sircar, which have carried thither rice for sale, consign the same, from time to time, to the Aumil of Mangalore, to whom you are also to transmit an account of its cost.

We are anxious to procure* some seed of the saffron plant, silk-worms, young date trees, almonds and pistachio plants, shipwrights,* and pearl divers. Get these [men] together, and entertaining them in our service, dispatch them to us, together with proper persons for taking care of the young plants, &c.

We have already written, desiring you to purchase pearls. They must be large and brilliant,* and [in short] of the finest kind.* Buy them [at as] cheap [a price as you can] and dispatch them to us.