To BÛRHÂNÛDDEEN; same Date. (3d May.)

YOU must relinquish [or give up] whatever horses and camels may be taken from the enemy to the captors, of whom you will buy as many of them as they themselves may not want, at a cheap and reasonable price, which is to be paid* to them [immediately]. They must not be allowed to sell them elsewhere.*

The Jumaadârs, who happen to have brethren* with them that are out of employ, should be directed to mount the latter on the captured horses, and bring them to be mustered and enrolled in our service.

We lately sent orders to you to withdraw the garrison of the small fort of Kittoor,* and direct it to rejoin your army by the road through the woods. We now write to countermand those orders, and to desire, that you will send such supplies of provisions, &c. to the said fort, as it may be in need of; for we shall shortly come in person to that quarter, and the enemy, moreover, have retired from thence.


It is uncertain whether by the small fort of Kittoor, the Sultan means the principal fortress of that name, lately wrested from the Daisye, or only an outwork or detached post; such as that mentioned in Letter CCLXI, as having been taken by Syed Ghuffâr, on his coming to the relief of Kittoor; or the small fort noticed in the report of Bûrhânûddeen, contained in Letter CCLXI.

I rather think, however, that Kittoor itself is the place intended; both because it is, on other occasions, sometimes called a <Arabic> and sometimes a <Arabic> and because the provisional order for its evacuation, contained in Letter CCLXI (and which is probably the order alluded to in the present dispatch) appears free from all ambiguity.*